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What We Do

IIEF has extensive experience developing, implementing, and branding world-renowned global scholarship initiatives, each carefully customized to meet the sponsor’s specific objectives and priorities. IIEF offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, including outreach and recruitment, selection, placement, monitoring, as well as post-award activities and alumni programs. Our unparalleled scholarship management systems are specially adjusted to Indonesian specific contexts and conditions in terms of geography, ethnicity, cultural values, as well as social and economic parameters.
IIEF has developed and managed a wide range of scholarship and fellowship programs, for both in-country and overseas study, long-term and short term programs, degree and non-degree.

Leveraging our vast networks with key stakeholders from various sectors as well as our long-time expertise in program design and management for sponsor institutions from various sectors, IIEF develops effective and innovative programs aiming at improving the capacity of Indonesian individuals and organizations to successfully address the local and global challenges.
To date, IIEF has initiated and managed diverse ranges of capacity building programs for individuals through various activities such as international internships, academic study tour, travel and learning grant management, and academic short-term visits. IIEF has also developed strategic initiatives to advance the capacity of higher education institutions through university partnership, book donation, and workshops in higher education.

IIEF is always dedicated to delivering high-quality, tailor-made support and services to our program sponsors and partners, making us the most trusted partner in Indonesia for a broad range of education services.
Our long track record in organizing prestigious, well-attended annual Education Fairs proves our commitment to meet the needs of overseas universities who wish to provide information about their programs and interact with prospecting students in Indonesia. Our services also include school visits, seminars, workshops, promo educational tours, as well as more targeted and specific talent-scout activities.
Leveraging the vast global network of our long-time partner organization, IIE, we also organize study tours for higher education administrators and experts from Indonesia and overseas to the United States and some other countries in order to enrich their understanding of the higher education dynamics and bring them together to potential partners.

In cooperation with the Educational Testing Service (ETS®) and Prometric, IIEF administers a variety of admissions tests to support applications to universities abroad, including TOEFL® tests, GRE® test, and SAT® tests.
Besides its role as TOEFL® Resource Center, IIEF serves as an ETS® Preferred Associate and responsible for the supervision of the administration of the TOEFL® ITP (TOEFL® Institutional Testing Program) throughout Indonesia. TOEFL® ITP is an internationally-standardized English proficiency test that is widely used in Indonesia for scholarship selection purposes, graduation and recruitment requirements and placements for English language schools.

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