USAID PRESTASI Scholarship Program

Scholarship & Fellowship Management

USAID PRESTASI (Program to Extend Scholarships and Training to Achieve Sustainable Impacts)

USAID’s Program to Extend Scholarships to Achieve Sustainable Impacts (PRESTASI) has provided scholarships to 354 Indonesians since 2007. It is one of the many USAID scholarship programs in Indonesia that help individuals, organizations, and institutions acquire the knowledge, skills, and capacity to support Indonesia’s advancement. These scholars are tomorrow’s leaders and are among the best investments in Indonesia’s future.

In 2015 – 2017, 81 scholarship recipients were selected from 1231 applicants from across Indonesia for their high academic performance, professional experience, and dedication to improving the lives of others in Indonesia. They pursue master’s degrees in the fields of Economics, Environment, Democratic and Human Rights, health, and Education. All of these educational opportunities are in the U.S.

PRESTASI Scholar in PDO: PRESTASI Scholar taken a pose in the Pre-Departure Orientation for Fall 2017-19. Pre-Departure Orientation is the series of four-days activities to give them briefing before the departure to the U.S.

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