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English Access Microscholarship Program

Since its inception in 2004, over 110,000 students in more than 80 countries have participated in the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access). Access is a global scholarship program supported by the U.S. Department of State that provides a foundation of English language skills to talented 13-20-year-olds from economically disadvantaged backgrounds through after-school classes and intensive sessions. Access students also gain an appreciation for U.S. culture and democratic values through enhancement activities. Access seeks to equip selected students with strong English language skills that can lead to better jobs, educational opportunities, and gain the ability to participate in and compete for future exchanges and study in the United States.

In 2016-2018 program year, English Access Microscholarship Program conducted in five (5) cities; Medan (North Sumatera), Bekasi (West Java), Jombang (East Java), Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara), and Gorontalo (North Sulawesi).

In 2018-2020 program year, Access Program runs in six (6) cities; Lampung (Bandar Lampung), Serang (West Java), Jember (East Java), Bima (West Nusa Tenggara), Ternate (North Maluku), Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan).

English Language Access Microscholarship Program 2020-2022 is ongoing.
In 2020-2022, the Access Program is currently held in DKI Jakarta/Tangerang, Medan (North Sumatra), and Surabaya (East Java) for high school classes, and D.I. Yogyakarta and Malang (East Java) for university classes. Currently, there are 160 students from 5 (five) cities who have benefited from this program.
More information: Facebook Page and/or Instagram Access Indonesia
Contact info/inquiry on program: accessindonesia@iief.or.id

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Update: 12 October 2021

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