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IIEF U.S. Higher Education Fairs

IIEF conducted once a year The U.S. Higher Education Fair which present the widest range of US colleges and universities and provide the most comprehensive range of information on various aspects related to studying in the United States, including US visa application guidelines, required academic tests such as TOEFL®iBT and GRE, and various available scholarships and funding opportunities.

Unlike other similar events in the country where local appointed agents or represent the overseas schools, The U.S. Higher Education Fair presents the admissions officers or international office staff from the participating colleges/universities. During our Fairs, visitors have the opportunity to get the accurate information on US visas directly from the staff of the Consular Office at the US Embassy, to attend presentations on tests of TOEFL®iBT and GRE delivered by the Princeton-based maker institution itself – the Educational Testing Service (ETS) – and to ask about scholarship opportunities from the NGO managing various scholarship programs from various donor institutions.

The Fairs that we organized are always successful and well-attended. This is certainly an excellent opportunity for English language students, scholarship grantees, high school students and parents to learn more about the educational opportunities in the United States.

The MBA Tour to Indonesia

IIEF is the Indonesian partner institution of The MBA Tour in hosting a series of educational events aiming at providing Indonesian potential MBA students an opportunity to meet and interact with top business schools around the world.

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