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The Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) is an Indonesian not-for-profit organization that is committed to promoting the development of the Indonesian people through international education. Established in 1982, IIEF has expertise in Scholarship and Fellowship Management; Leadership Development; Educational Services; Institutional Capacity-Building; and Testing and Certification.

Strongly committed to delivering measurable impacts, IIEF is driven by its values of organizational excellence, professionalism, and integrity. IIEF employs both a local and global approach in developing its strategies and activities that are comprehensive, effective and innovative. Driven by a long-standing commitment to expanding access to education, including for remote and disadvantaged populations, IIEF has developed significant institutional experience and built a large network through its work with varied populations throughout Indonesia, including groups facing geographic, economic, gender, linguistic or ethnic barriers to participation in education.

IIEF works with government institutions, corporations, foundations, education institutions, professional organizations, and other sponsors, both from Indonesia and overseas, to develop and manage a wide range of programs which include in-country and overseas scholarships, short-term scholarships, travel grants for professional development, internships, education partnerships, and professional certifications.

For over thirty years, IIEF has been the Indonesian partner organization of the Institute of International Education (IIE), a leading private not-for-profit institution in the international exchange of people and ideas, based in the United States with global network in Asia, Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East/North Africa.

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A Brief

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The Indonesian International education Foundation (IIEF) is an educational organization in Indonesia in cooperation with the Institute of International Education (IIE). IIE is the largest and most experience non-profit private educational exchange organization in the world. Through this cooperation, IIEF administers various educational scholarship programs for study in Indonesia and abroad, including a number of short-term training and programs for professionals and scholars funded by international sponsor institutions. IIEF introduces American higher education to Indonesian public through Annual Education Fairs. In addition, IIEF also disseminates information on the development of education in Indonesia to teachers and students abroad through IIE’s network.

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